CASE: Pipe Lining Company


Preventing water damages in a luxury 30-story apartment complex

Water leaked through a brand new vertical stack for balcony drains into the luxury apartments every time it rained. As the temperature dropped, the pipes shrank, resulting in leaking pipes on all floors and causing severe water damage in the newly built 30-story apartment complex, as well as the occupants’ belongings.

Pipe Lining Company, a previous customer of Repiper, immediately understood the sensitivity of the project and reached out to us. We have done a lot of projects together with Pipe Lining Company over the years; they are in fact the first customer to ever buy a connection lining system from Repiper in the US, and remains a valuable customer today. However, this case may be the most prestigious one we have ever done.

Corporate team building event (small) | Repiper

“They guided us through the key steps and the small intricate details of the Repiper System so that our team was prepared and confident to solve our clients’ piping issues. We were extremely pleased that they were always willing to go the extra mile to make sure we were prepared to properly execute our job.”

– The Pipe Lining Company

Relining solutions | Repiper

The Results

Pipe Lining Company was able to reline the entire vertical stack for the 30-story building in a mere two weeks using the Repiper Step by Step system, preventing any additional water damages to the brand new apartments and the inhabitants belongings. The costs of a compromised household and unfinished work were kept to a minimum.

The fact that the residents were also able to stay in their homes during the relining meant the apartment complex owners did not have to reimburse them for staying at a hotel or similar during the relining.


The Repiper system in combination with Pipe Lining Company’s skill ensured the apartment complex owners could save thousands, if not millions, of dollars in water damages. Together we ensured a quick and reliable relining solution for one of the most difficult types of pipes to work with: PVC pipes.