CASE: Pipelining Technologies


Relining twelve small-dimension double-connections junctions in quick succession

Pipelining Technologies was relining vertical sewer kitchen stack systems of a large apartment complex. Two kitchens on each floor connected in a double junction to the vertical stack, back to back. Nearing the end of the restoration, Pipelining Technologies identified multiple weak spots at the corners of the double junction on both sides during the reinstatements. The standard technologies they used had a hard time reaching the junctions to ensure a reliable repair due to the limited space and size of the pipe systems.

Having heard about Repiper’s technologies before, Pipelining Technologies reached out to us to see if we had a potential solution to fully seal the complex junctions.

Relining solutions | Repiper

The Results

A project that on the surface seemed very complex turned out easier than expected with Repiper. In just a few days, Pipelining Technologies relined all twelve double-connection junctions in quick succession –around three days in effective time of which one day was with the consultation of a Repiper trainer – before project concluded.

The Repiper systems not only ensured the project finished in time, but also allowed Pipelining Technologies to repair the hard-to-reach junctions without having to tear down walls and floors – potentially delaying the restoration of the apartments by weeks and increasing costs. The homeowners association was satisfied there were no delays, and the home owners could move into their home on schedule.


Not only did the Repiper system solve the problem, but the speed and ease at which it could be solved was an eye-opener for Pipelining Technologies – a response we’ve seen several times before with experienced relining companies. Not only is our relining products and tools efficient for fixing problems reactively, but also proactively for rehabilitation purposes to prevent any issues from occurring.