Improve your CIPP Relining with Repiper

Repiper’s state-of-the-art tools allow you to reach even the most difficult junctions to get more watertight seals throughout the entire sewer system. Don’t let outdated tools and methods limit what you can offer customers – get your game on and bring your pipe renovation work to another level!

  • Safe installation
  • High-quality solution that’s built to last
  • Affordable set-up costs
  • In-depth training for your crew, both on-site and in the field

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    Don’t let your tools limit what you can do

    Anyone can re-line a straight, exposed underground pipe, but when it comes to tight bends, vicious angles, or complex T-junctions, even the most experienced trenchless repair technician can get frustrated without the right equipment. Not only do our innovative tools and materials let you reach the most inaccessible pipe sections, they also allow you to completely seal joints and junctions in the areas most prone to leakage.

    While our products are designed for ease of use by experienced contractors, we offer comprehensive training both on-site and in the field. As relining experts, we have years of experience in designing high-quality products that meet the needs of contractors like yourself.

    Check out all the products in our catalog, or contact us to discuss your specific needs.

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    Why Choose Repiper

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    Our products are designed to seal even the most demanding sewer systems.

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    Repiper’s tools can be used for both vertical and horizontal relining.

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    Get around even the most vicious bends and angles with our uniquely flexible tools.

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    Our tools can be cured with either heat or steam to save time and make installation easier.


    Completely seal the entire sewer system


    We offer leading-edge, rigorously tested turnkey solutions

    Repiper’s cutting-edge product designs are based on the work of two bright Swedish inventors who had a better idea for a trenchless repair process. Perfected over 30 years of extensive use in the field worldwide, the system is now finally available in the US.

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    Commitment and Social Responsibility

    At Repiper, we do our share to make the world a better place to live in. All our liners and lubricants are manufactured from eco-friendly, non-toxic materials. Our products allow contractors to re-use existing pipe systems and minimize environmental risk from asbestos and lead contamination caused by excavation. Improving the way things are done and thinking outside the box are what inspires us.

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    Company values

    At Repiper, we believe in treating others like we’d like to be treated. That means honesty, openness, and fairness. We believe in supporting our partners and helping them achieve their goals. We work very closely with all our partners to ensure they feel knowledgeable about our products and comfortable recommending them to their customers. Together, we can make a difference in the world!

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    Sustainability and responsiveness

    At Repiper, we take sustainability very seriously. All our products are designed to have minimal environmental impact and promote re-using existing resources. We’re not afraid to push the boundaries of innovation in order to continuously improve our products and advance the industry as a whole.


    Could the most advanced relining technology help your business?

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