Repairing a cracked sewer pipe in a basement

Reinvigorate your pipe repair offerings with Repiper’s systematic pipe relining approach, tools, and products. Our specially tailored relining solutions provide an effective way to repair cracked sewer pipes in basements and under houses.


How relining a cracked sewer line works

  1. Inspection: The relining process commences with a thorough inspection of the cracked sewer line using specialized cameras. This helps to gauge the extent of the damage, determine whether the crack in the sewer line is at the joints or along the pipe, and plan the repair accordingly.
  2. Cleaning: The pipes are then scrupulously cleaned using high-pressure water, ensuring that the new liner will adhere effectively.
  3. Preparation of the liner: A malleable liner, saturated with a two-part epoxy resin, is prepared. The liner is custom-made to fit the length and diameter of the cracked sewer line being repaired.
  4. Insertion: The resin-coated liner is inserted into the cracked sewer pipe using a technique called inversion or it may be pulled into place, depending on the specifics of the pipe.
  5. Inflation: Once the liner is in position, it is inflated using an air or water bladder. This process presses the epoxy-saturated liner against the inner walls of the cracked sewer line.
  6. Curing: Post inflation, the liner is left to cure. During this period, the epoxy hardens, forming a strong, durable, and seamless pipe within the existing one.
  7. Final inspection: Once the liner has completely cured, a final inspection is carried out using the specialized cameras. This step verifies the successful rectification of the cracked sewer pipe and ensures the new pipe is ready for use.
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