Relining a leaking sewer pipe

Dealing with sewer pipe leaking can be a nightmare for any property owner or manager. As a company that specializes in sewer pipe repair, you know firsthand how important it is to provide fast and effective solutions to your customers. Repiper offers a solution to this problem with our advanced relining products and methodology, designed to eliminate sewer pipe leaking once and for all. By using Repiper’s products, you can provide your customers with long-lasting, leak-free sewer pipes that are more durable and efficient than traditional repair methods. 

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What we offer?

Through innovative trenchless commercial drain repair solutions, increased dissemination of knowledge, and with long experience within the industry, Repiper contributes to the sustainable pipe renovations of the future. Contact us for more


Repiper offers everything you need to ensure a high-quality relining repair. A complete product catalog of relining products and our own patented tools. The offering consists of Swedish-developed relining technologies adopted for the US market.


Repiper offers detailed on-site training and education about our method and products from our experienced staff. You will also get access to educational “how to” videos and material available on our website.


Receive support from one of our experienced staff members to plan and ensure the success of your relining projects. We guide and instruct you on how to use our products, tools, and StepByStep method.


A leaking sewer pipe joint can be repaired without taking it apart by using pipe relining techniques or epoxy putty. Pipe relining involves inserting a liner into the pipe and curing it in place, creating a pipe-within-a-pipe. Epoxy putty can be applied to the exterior of the joint, sealing small leaks.

A PVC underground pipe leak at the joint due to improper installation, poor-quality materials, temperature fluctuations, or stress on the joint. This can happen if the pipe and fitting weren’t properly cleaned and primed, or if an insufficient amount of solvent cement was used.

The best way to seal pipe leaking at joint depends on the pipe material and type of joint. For threaded joints, plumbers tape or pipe joint compound works well. For PVC joints, primer and solvent cement are typically used. Epoxy putty or pipe repair clamps can be effective for sealing small leaks at joints.

A leakage from sewer lines can be serious, depending on the size and location of the leak. Small leaks can lead to wasted water, higher utility bills, and damage to nearby structures. Larger leaks can cause significant water damage, mold growth, and structural issues. It is essential to address leaks promptly to prevent further complications.