Fixing leaking sewer pipes with Relining

Repiper’s relining sewer pipes methodology, products, and tools takes pipe repair services to the next level.

Upgrade your pipe repair services with Repiper’s step-by-step pipe relining method, tools, and products. Our relining solutions involve the installation of a seamless, durable lining within the existing pipe. This lining is made of a high-quality, epoxy resin material that is designed to last for decades. By installing the lining, you can restore the structural integrity of broken sewer pipes under a house or inside a property to prevent leaks or cracks, all without the need for excavation or major disruption to the property.

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How to fix an underground pipe leak using relining

  1. Inspection: The relining process begins with a comprehensive inspection of the leaking pipes using specialized cameras. This helps to assess the extent of the damage, if the pipes are leaking at the joints or along the pipe, and plan the repair accordingly.
  2. Cleaning: The pipes are then meticulously cleaned using high-pressure water, ensuring that the new liner will stick properly.
  3. Preparation of the liner: A flexible liner, saturated with a two-part epoxy resin, is prepared. The liner is tailor-made to fit the length and diameter of the underground pipe leak being repaired.
  4. Insertion: The saturated liner is introduced into the leaking pipe using a technique called inversion, or it may be pulled into place, depending on the pipe’s specific conditions and needs.
  5. Inflation: Once the liner is positioned, it is inflated using an air or water bladder. This presses the epoxy-coated liner against the inner walls of the underground pipe leak.
  6. Curing: After inflation, the liner is left to cure. During this time, the epoxy sets, forming a strong, durable, and seamless pipe within the existing pipe.
  7. Final inspection: Once the liner has completely cured, a final inspection is carried out using the specialized cameras. This confirms that the sewer pipe leaking repair process has been successful, and the new pipe is ready for use.



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